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This article is geared to influence and offer insider knowledge for current and future women in fashion to become leaders. It also highlights the importance of collaboration and working with other women leaders to further each other.

Beauty Talk

To help you find your most flattering shade(s) of red, Beauty Editor Nancy Dunson is sharing a few tips on finding that perfect shade, from bright poppies to romantic berries and everything in between.

Healing Stones with Crystal

This month as we begin to wind up our year, start thinking about the holidays, and dig out our winter clothes, we need to remember that amidst all the chaos we need to stay grounded.

Holiday Shopping

Time to shop for gifts! Start here with AYME! Check out our picks for the perfect holiday gift in our Holiday Gift Shop! 

Travel Destination

WorldGirl222 is in South Korea using her magic and helping you understand yours!

Native America: The Cherokee Tribe

The Cherokee are one of the indigenous people of the Southeastern Woodlands of the United States.



The Holiday season is here! Join the table this month as we take a closer look at a southern favorite! 

Ready To Read?

This month's E-book is one click away! 

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