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Cover Feature

Imprévu - Cŕeativité (Means Unforeseen  Creativity in French)

Designer: Faith Duruaku 

FD Fashion House: @fdfashionhouse88

West African Designer Faith Duruaku is back with us and she's sharing her new collection with us!  


Photo By Designer: Faith Duruaku 
FD Fashion House: @fdfashionhouse88
 Photos by @kofikrazi 
Make Up by @desired_look 

Articles this month


Healing Stones With Crystal

Amazonite is a very soothing stone that can calm your brain, nervous system, and align your physical body with the etheric, as well as helping to maintain optimal health.


Travel Destination

Whether you went away for a week, a month, a year, sometimes even 10 years, you find you way back home and you find yourself at odds because home isn't home anymore.



What are today’s kids doing to celebrate the summer? (minus the pandemic) That’s right, they are using some sort of technology to pass the time.

Nasty Woman.JPG

Beauty Talk

This year our summer trends are all about color!  Think bright lips.  Think bold liner.  Think fun! 


Music Today

It has been said that concerts and live performances will not resume until the fall of 2021.

PS2 (1).JPG

Model Magic 

Our past Model Magic features are back and sharing their new work!



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