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Cover Feature 

Meet Mark Anthony Hill, Artist from Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Healing Stones With Crystal

Crystal Hamlin gives us a closer look at Clear Quartz.

Beauty Talk

Nancy Dunson shares the Beauty and gross history of Taxidermy.

Travel Destination

Lateisha Rae is out of South Korea, find out how she became an illegal immigrant while traveling there. 

To Learn or Avoid?

JaneyTheGreat is back and sharing a perspective on our we all receive the news. 

Music Today 2.0

 A look at artist marketing in the time of Corona Virus & The New Revolution  with Kerry Blu. 

Face Mask Available


We want to send you a reminder to believe in all things positive and support each other in our work towards a more educated and inclusive world. Let's continure to stand up for what is right and embrace difference, as a learning experience. 

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