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Carly's Haven Jewelry

Specializing in beautiful, practical, elegant, and strong healing stone jewelry, all created by hand in Montana.  Inspired by her own healing journey Crystal wanted to share the gift of gems with every woman who might need a little something extra to guide her along.  Made in a smoke/animal/perfume free studio.

Roxx Polish

Roxx Polish is a metaphysical beauty line that infuses the high vibrational power of crystals with nail polish and lip balm. Crystals encourage us to shift our perspective to what we truly want and to help turn our desires into realities, and what a better way to surround yourself with the energy of crystals than on your nails and lips 

Nasty Woman Cosmetics

We are more activists than businesswomen.  We care more about progress and equal rights than anything else.   We are passionate about what we believe and what we create. We made the best vegan lip products possible and sell them to fund our activism.


Inspired by her love for Minerals, and the colors/shapes of the 12 birthstones, Mariel started her soap company Anjoul Bliss.  

Each bar has a unique pattern of colors, no two are exactly alike, just like natural rocks.  

Vegan and cruelty free.

Spread Love Co.

Let us be a driving force of positivity, humility, and gratitude!

Join us in our mission to Spread Love.


Female owned and operated hand crafted indie cosmetics & bath & body brand. Cruelty free and natural based. Our mission is to produce premium quality products at an economical price, using the best ingredients available. We manufacture our products in small batches using high quality, superior ingredients than what is typically used in mass produced products.


Consistently Colorful was born out of founder Jordan's career as an Art Education Coordinator looking for a creative solution to broken crayons.

Besides the most popular gem crayons, she also makes stackable block crayons, and seasonal items.  Not only are the gem crayons uniquely swirl and blended to allow for a one of a kind piece of art, the will never roll of the table!


Founded in 2012 on a small Meditteranean island, Cocorina & Co is inspired by the mystery of the unknown, the warmth of the dark cosmos, and the beauty behind the moonlight. 

Created, printed, and packaged by hand with care using repurposed and recycled materials in order to be kind to mama Earth.

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