Welcome to AYME Kids! We are completely excited to share with you great stories and tips for Kids and their parents! 

New Parent?

We have some great tips for you!! Check out how you can become a Super Parent! 

Kids Art?

We just love making a mess with Kids and Art! Find some great DIY activities to do at home! 


There's nothing more important than bonding with your Kid! Discover easy ways to bond with your little person! 


There is always time to learn something new!  Let's learn together!


AYME Kids First Book Release

Its the first Learning and Activity book for children and parents. Read more about our plans and how AYME kids came to be! 

Kids Literature 

Joshua & Johnny Comes To Korea

This month we feature a great children's book! Joshua and Johnny Comes to Korea is a book that teaches about cultural diversity! 

Kids Sports

The New Playground: The Skate Park

Keeping up with kids and the sports they love to play! Our first look into the world of skating and how this sport is changing the playgrounds. 


Creating a Routine

All kids thrive when they can follow a routine. This month find ways to create a weekly routine for your kids.

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